Complete the Picture® (patent pending) is a fun interactive online donation process that will liven up the way your donors will contribute to your current fund drives.


Instead of using, for example, a red thermometer to show progress during your fund drives, Complete the Picture® utilizes a unique Picture for each drive. Each Picture is broken up into several smaller squares, or Tiles. A donor may choose to sponsor one Tile for the amount that you specify, or twice that amount for two, thrice for three, and so on, up to any amount the donor wishes.


Once all of the Tiles have been paid for, the fund drive goal will be reached, and the Picture will be Complete! In addition, the donor may add a message for each donation made which will be attached to the donor’s tiles in the Picture. Similar to the messages left on bricks on a wall.


See the Sample Methods tab for other possibilities for adding fun and excitement to your online donation process.


Since we are a new technology company, there is currently only one online fundraising website using this technology. Have a look at:
Complete the Circle.